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Before we get started, there's something you should know: we're not into boring, part-time real estate service. There's no Business vs Personal ; it's all us, all the time, giving you an authentic real estate experience.

Interested? Great! Then let's jump into the good stuff.

For us, real estate isn't just a career. We know, we know-who hasn't heard that one before. But it's true! Real estate seamlessly blends into our life, because it's something that just comes naturally to us. Love of helping people? Check. Passion for local real estate? Check. Skills to match great people with great real estate? Double check.

When it comes to investing in real estate ourselves, we've pretty much done it all. From renting our first pad in Kits to building our current home in Mt Pleasant, we've experienced every facet of Vancouver's real estate market first-hand.

Working with us

Maybe you're a former West-sider who wants to find some cool neighbourhoods for your family on the East side. Or maybe you're the downtown queen who's looking for a shiny new condo with all of the best amenities (rooftop pool and indoor sauna? Sign us up!). No matter your lifestyle, when you work us we'll help you find the right property in an area you'll love.

Of course, meeting with us right now to start this journey is the best way to see what it's really like to work with us. But we bet your couch is feeling pretty comfortable-or maybe you're taking a few minutes at work to do a little real estate agent research (we won't tell). So we'll do our best to explain the perks of choosing us as your next real estate agents:

Our Personal Real Estate History

You're probably wondering, what makes Teresa and Jannelle the best choice? How do I know that they can find me a great home for a really, really great price? To put it simply, it's because we've been in your shoes-multiple times. It's one thing to live in Vancouver and help others buy and sell their properties, but getting that real real estate experience for ourselves through renting and buying all around this city has given us a true understanding of what you're going through, and what we can do to make it easier.

How We 'Click'

Every real estate agent is different. Even if we all have the same goal in mind, the way that a realtor approaches the buying and selling process will determine what kind of experience you have. With us, it's about making a sincere connection with our clients-we're not talking about a 'share your deepest darkest secrets with us' kind of connection, but we like to enjoy spending time with our clients! When we feel that 'click' it opens the door to better communication and a clear understanding of our client's needs, which gives them the best real estate results possible.

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