High Demand + Low Inventory = High Prices

This year has started off extremely busy!  

Inventory is usually low this time of year with people waiting until spring to put their homes up on the market.  They think that spring is a better time to sell.

There are many reasons why NOW is actually better time to sell rather than waiting until spring. 

Last week, Bank of Canada lowered their overnight lending rates and that created MORE demand in the marketplace.  Coupled with the lower inventory at this time of year, it is making for an extremely busy market with some high prices on the properties being sold.

If you are looking for some and advice and you are a seller, I'd be happy to sit down with you and show you why NOW might be the better time to sell your home.

Now, if you are a buyer it can be easy to caught up in the multiple offer situations on properties.  It's important that you don't pay too much and that you get the terms and conditions that are right for you!

I can help YOU by discussion the best strategies for securing that dream property. 

Give me a call today for a no obligation conversation.